Power your project with Artificial Intelligence

Your Idea can improve with Artificial Intelligence

We are a creative team with 10+ years of experience in
research and development in the area of Artificial Intelligence

On Deduct Data Solutions we help startups and innovative businesses like yours to achieve better results understanding and implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions tailored to your project.

Together we can grow your business and make it more competitive in this new digital era!

La solución de I.A. que tu idea
needs to stand out and transcend

At Deduce Data Solutions we accompany you to develop the digital solution that maximizes your idea.

Why should you innovate with
Artificial Intelligence in your project?

Artificial intelligence, automation and data are here to stay. We are no longer talking about a “new trend”, we are talking about tools that define the new “viable minimum”.

At Deduce we make sure to study your project and create a plan in which artificial intelligence helps you:

Simplify and speed up medical diagnoses

Offer personalized recommendations

Increase conversion rates

Reduce operating costs

Increase the value of your project

We will even help you get the financing you are looking for, in short, we support you in whatever you need to make a difference in an increasingly competitive and technological market. Do not stay in the least, innovate today.


Discover the process for
get your product to be
disruptive and innovative


We meet and you tell us
your idea, your business and
problems you see.

Finding the solution

We connect with your company,
idea or business and we give
start to the stage of
study and analysis.

We start with your data

We start with the
data collection for
shape the development that
comply with everything that we
we proposed together.

We present the
minimum viable product

We deliver a product
minimum viable for you to see a
first taste of potential
of your product with AI


Thanks to the exhaustive analysis
of data and to have your
opinion in the whole process,
we carry out the development
of the final solution.

These are some of the Projects we have developed

Here you can see how we have already helped other companies and businesses like yours before, applying
in each case the specific and personalized technological implementation required.


We do not tell you, here you have a series of testimonials that explain how to Deduce Data
Solutions has helped them improve their business ideas, the competitiveness of their companies, etc.

Get a solution
exclusively for you

Our success is subject to yours to the point that we propose payment options where it is conditioned to the achievement of the set objectives.

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IA en Salud: Identificación Facial de Enfermedades
Caso de éxito: AuroraAI
¿Cómo un ordenador entiende el lenguaje humano?
IA en Salud: Identificación Facial de Enfermedades
Caso de éxito: AuroraAI
¿Cómo un ordenador entiende el lenguaje humano?