Innova, procesa, automatiza con la inteligencia artificial

We carry out a deep research process in which we help you understand Artificial Intelligence and integrate it into your project.

So that the environment does not overwhelm you, the potential of your product is recognized and it can become the next market revolution, competing as equals with large companies.

Understand AI and find with us a unique solution to improve your product / service

Get the financing you need with our help

Integrate AI into your product or service to make it more attractive, efficient and effective with the custom software we develop.

Our Success process

Our team has a long history in research and we are used to facing challenges with creative ideas. We want to carry the same method in our clients' projects.


Finding the solution

Time to do
magic with data

We present the
minimum viable product


Alberto Mora Cabanas

Frontend Developer

MA in Data science, expert in emerging and exponential technologies.

Meet the Deduce members

At Deduce Data Solutions we are a group of professionals from the world of research, experts in the implementation and management of the main analysis and management tools with Artificial Intelligence.

Diego Tuccillo

CEO and Founder

PhD in Astrophysics, +11 years of experience in Machine Learning. Passionate about creativity and tackling complex problems.

Biuse Casaponsa


PhD in Physical Sciences and Technology. Organization and planning of projects. 


Alberto Mora Cabanas

Developer and SRE

Frontend web development,  Service Reliability Engineering and IoT development on embedded devices.

Iván Diego Arrollo

Customer Engagement & Rainmaker

Ingeniero Técnico en Informática de Sistemas. Experiencia como IT Manager y formador en Competencias Digitales. Apasionado del deporte, la naturaleza, fotografía y el emprendimiento rural.

Carlos Blanco

Cloud Engineer 

PhD in Computer Science and Technology. Expert in Cloud, Grid, HPC computing infrastructures, Hadoop and Spark. 

Steven Van Vaerenbergh

Data Scientist 
PhD in Telecommunications Engineering, he has worked for more than a decade in fundamental research in machine learning and signal processing. 

Marcos Cruz

Statistics specialist 
PhD in Physics, Professor of Statistics and director of the image analysis and sterology research group at the University of Cantabria.


Domenico Di Frenna

Content Creator 
Creator of cross-media formats. Art Director and Graphic Designer.

Our experience
in numbers

Here you can see how we have helped other companies before and
businesses like yours, applying in each case the implementation
specific and personalized technology that it demanded.

Conversion into sales

By analyzing user behavior within the digital environment, we have been able to understand what motivates them to buy.


Highlighting the content and information with which the user interacts the most on sales pages.

Savings on advertisements

We anticipate results by simulating online ads based on the data collected by your project

Clients satisfied with the Artificial Intelligence that we have developed and implemented for them

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Take advantage of the true potential of data and Artificial Intelligence to improve your idea

At Deduce Data Solutions, we implement AI in your product in a practical, simple and personalized way to ease the way and optimize processes.